Southeast Law Group, P.A. Announces the Founding of New Firm

Almost twenty-one years ago, on May 1, 1992, Michaela Scheihing and Soobadra Gauthier stood together, raised their right hands and solemnly swore the Oath of Admission to the Florida Bar. “Congratulations counselors and welcome”, intoned the fully-robed Judge as he shook their hands, admitted them to the practice of law and set them on their exhilarating legal journeys.

Twenty-one years in the practice of law is indeed a milestone. Add to that milestone the simultaneous founding of Southeast Law Group, P.A., and the cause for celebration and excitement multiplies not only for founding partners, Michaela Scheihing and Soobadra Gauthier, but for clients of Southeast Law Group, P.A. The firm was formed with the primary goal of exceeding client expectations in a targeted range of insurance matters. The practice of Southeast Law Group P.A. combines experience with professionalism and progressive litigation management to serve its clients’ interests.

Through commercial awareness and understanding of the business environment in which its clients operate, Southeast Law Group, P.A. offers flexibility with a tiered billing rate system for homeowner claims, commercial claims and complex litigation (e.g. bad faith, multiple insurers etc.).The firm’s clients have the benefit of the experienced partners’ skill in written and oral advocacy, quality file analysis and attention, and case management efficiency with strict adherence to client guidelines. Dedicated to delivering only the very best while developing relationships underscores the practice of Southeast Law Group, P.A.

Oath of Admission to the Florida Bar (click to enlarge)