Insurance Coverage

Southeast Law Group, P.A. represents insurance companies in often complex matters involving insurance coverage. We handle first-party insurance defense involving Windstorm, Hurricane, Sinkhole and Earth Movement, Fire losses, Arson, Suspected fraudulent claims, Water losses and Mold issues. Our attorneys assist insurers through detailed coverage opinions, in conducting examinations under oath, and by litigating in state or federal courts. Southeast Law Group, P.A. is poised to prosecute declaratory judgment actions where a judicial determination of the parties’ rights under the policy is necessary and authorized.

Bad Faith

As a condition precedent to bringing a first party bad faith cause of action in Florida, the Department of Financial Services and the authorized insurer must have been given 60 days written notice of the insurer’s alleged violation(s). Southeast Law Group, P.A. undertakes the necessary actions to avoid and limit bad faith or extra-contractual exposure by timely, specifically and preemptively responding to Civil Remedy Notices of Insurer Violations (CRN) and to the theories of unfair claims settlement practices alleged as actionable against the insurer. Should all conditions precedent to an insured bringing a first-party bad faith cause of action be met, Southeast Law Group, P.A. closely analyzes the totality of the circumstances to advise a course of action in the best interest of its clients. Southeast Law Group, P.A. possesses the expertise to represent our clients in bad faith matters through settlement, alternative dispute resolution or in the courtroom through skillful defense of the bad faith litigation.

Arson & Suspected Fraud

Southeast Law Group, P.A. is experienced in combatting arson and suspected fraudulent claims. Our attorneys work closely with SIU and navigate with precision in detecting and defending against arson and/or fraudulent claims. Knowledge of the Florida Immunity Statutes combined with its attorneys’ memberships in various industry organizations propels the reputation of Southeast Law Group, P.A. in this practice area.


In recognition that insurance claims can be expensive to litigate and often difficult to litigate due to myriad factors, insurance companies often pursue mediation which can afford a timely, efficient and cost effective means of conflict resolution. Southeast Law Group, P.A. offers mediation services, whether voluntary or court ordered, through Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, Michaela Scheihing, who through training and extensive experience is an acclaimed insurance conflict resolution professional.