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Southeast Law Group, P.A. was formed with the primary goal of exceeding client expectations in a targeted range of insurance matters. The practice of Southeast Law Group P.A. combines experience with professionalism and progressive litigation management to serve its clients’ interests. Through commercial awareness and understanding of the business environment in which its clients operate, Southeast Law Group, P.A. offers high quality file analysis, case management efficiency and strict adherence to client guidelines. Dedicated to delivering only the very best while developing relationships underscores the practice of Southeast Law Group, P.A. The firm’s clients have the benefit of the experienced partners’ knowledge and reputation in the industry on insurance coverage disputes.

Practice Areas

Southeast Law Group, P.A. represents insurance companies in often complex matters involving insurance coverage.
  • §Insurance Coverage

    Southeast Law Group, P.A. assists insurers through detailed coverage opinions, in conducting examinations under oath, and by litigating in state or federal courts.

  • §Bad Faith

    Southeast Law Group, P.A. possesses the expertise to represent our clients in bad faith matters through settlement, alternative dispute resolution or in the courtroom through skillful defense of the bad faith litigation.

  • §Arson & Suspected Fraud

    Southeast Law Group, P.A. is experienced in combatting arson and suspected fraudulent claims

  • §Mediation

    Southeast Law Group, P.A. offers mediation services, whether voluntary or court ordered.

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Actus Curiae

[Act of the Court]
Southeast Law Group, P.A. stays current on the newest written opinions of Florida’s Supreme Court and five District Courts of Appeal, as well as the most recently released decisions of the United States District Courts sitting in Florida and applying Florida substantive law. Summaries of decisions impacting our clients’ interests are provided as a service to Southeast Law Group, P.A. clients.

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company v. Johnson
1. Whether an insurer is allowed to rescind a policy for an unintentional misrepresentation that was material to the issuance of the policy under Florida Statute 627.409(1).
2. Whether a policy provided the policyholder with a standard for policy rescission that was more restrictive upon the insurer than that provided under Florida Statute 627.409(1), limiting the right to rescind a policy to only instances of intentionally false made statements as opposed to unintentionally false statements as well.

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